Best 8 Person Tent For Kicking Back At The Campground

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Best 8 Person Tent For Kicking Back At The Campground

Are you ready to stake out some serious property at your next family or group camping excursion? Beware: The wise Adventurer’s selection of the best 8-person tents is sure to make your next camping spot the envy of all the camping area.

The Nemo Wagontop 8: Our top choice overall – Image from the manufacturer

If a tent that can fit only one bed of queen size is great but tents that accommodate two queen-sized beds are superior, surely? We definitely think that way. If you’re looking to transform your hotel’s outdoor space to an elegant suite, then an 8-person tent could be your ideal choice.

After conducting a thorough analysis of all the well-known 8-person models on the market We were able to limit the choices to seven models in the following. After looking at each aspect of these scenic suites, we discovered this: the Nemo Wagontop 8 is hands down the most difficult tent to beat.

We could not help but notice that it took us longer than we’d like to admit to reach the conclusion we did So we made the decision to compile this helpful buying guide to help you narrow your search.

Nemo Wagontop Nemo Wagontop takes the cake due to its size, top-quality materials, and an exclusive design that can make sleeping in the wilderness look extravagant, but this doesn’t mean that it’s suitable not suitable for everyone.

If you’re suffering from chronic sticker shock or simply do not need all the bells and whistles to spend a pleasant outdoor time there’s a camper waiting to be yours in the below list. Bring open some charcoal and snuggle up These are The Wise Adventurer’s top 8-person tents for 2022.

The Best 8-Person Tents
Nemo Wagontop 8: Best 8 Person Tent Overall

– Weight: 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
— Size of the box: 28″ x 13″ 13″ (71cm x 33cm 33cm)
– Floor size: 180″ x 100″ (457cm x 254 cm)
— Maximum height of80″ (203 centimeters)
– Rooms: 2
– Form:Cabin
— The best to use forThree seasons of camping together with family and friends
– Price: $$$

The Nemo Wagontop 8takes the cake in 2022 as our top 8-person camper of all time. The tent is top-of-the-line in every metric we looked at and has a wealth of features you’ll not discover anywhere else in the market.

To start with the obvious first thing to mention, the Nemo is massive. It’s 15 feet long (plus the vestibule that is extended) it’s by far the longest tent we’ve seen in our roundup. The 8’4″ size is larger than the standard of 8′ (more about it in the article below) And then there’s those heights…

Because of that “covered wagon” design, which the Nemo is named after the ceiling’s height, which is over six and a quarter feet at its height and is able to stay at a height of six feet no matter the location you’re standing. Then there’s the rainfly issue…

The huge rainfly integrated into the Wagontop extends four feet beyond its main entrance, providing plenty of room to store wet gear dirty bikes, and whatever else you’d like to keep from the elements. We’re also big fans of the distinctive aluminum three-pole design, which is easy to pitch than you’d believe with poles this big.

If you don’t have enough space inside the Wagontop 8 to accommodate all of your belongings and friends You can also add to it another “garage” with a garage that Nemo says is big enough “to put a car in of.”

Cons aren’t a lot on this model, however If we had to pick our favorites on this, we’d say that it’s costly, and not forget that for this much money , we’d like to be able to see Nemo put in an footprint.

Pros Cons
– Big footprint, high ceilings
Simple 3-pole “covered wagon” design is simple to install
– – Backed by the Nemo’s lifelong warranty
– Expensive. Very expensive.
No footprint is included


Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent: Best Overall Quality

— The weight is 76.5 pounds (34.5 kg)
— Dimensions of the package: 39″ x 15″ 14″ (99cm 38cm 36cm)
– Floor size: 120″ x 168″ (305cm x 427cm)
— Maximum height78″ (198cm)
– Rooms: 1
– Form:Cabin
– The best option is:Hunting/Weatherproof camping with multiple children
– Price: $$$

If you’re in search of an unbreakable tent made of materials that will last for years when properly cared for look no further than this classic Springbar-style tent made of canvas from the people of Teton Sports.

The Mesa 8-person tent has a massive interior, with 140 square foot of floor area and 6.5-foot higher ceilings. It is easy to set up and user-friendly due to the top bar that locks and the telescoping side poles. The basic idea is to build the frame, mark the corners and then raise it up. Additionally, you get a permanent awning that is placed over the doorway and is big enough to allow for a shaded area in the shade of the tent.

We’ve been big admirers of Teton Sports’ line of canvas tents, however we’re sure they’re not ideal for all. The reason is the cost which is only matched by our top selection that is Nemo’s Nemo Wagontop 8. It’s also worth noting that due to the strong design of the Mesa’s construction and its size, it’s by far the biggest and most heavy tent we’ve ever seen.

If you’re still looking for a quality tent that is heirloom-quality and you have room to keep it in your car (and at your house) Camping inside one tents is an experience unlike anything elsewhere on our list.

Pros Cons
Made from almost indestructible materials
– Waterproof
– 2 super-wide doors
– Heavy
Bulky – Bulky


Bushnell Sport Series 8: Best 8 Person Tent On A Budget

— Weigh: 28,2 lbs (12.7km)
— Dimensions of packaging: 36″ x 13″ 13″ (91cm x 33cm x 33cm)
– Floor size: 168″ x 96″ (426cm x 244cm)
— The peak height is76″ (193cm)
– Rooms: 2
– Form:Cabin
– Ideal option forThree seasons of camping with families with smaller kids
– Price: $

We certainly had a difficult choosing the ideal affordable 8-person tent. Between the Bushnell that you can see here as well as the Columbia below as well as the Coleman Instant cabin There are many excellent tents available with great value within this price range.

The Bushnell Sport Series 8 was the winner due to (a) its low price in addition to (b) its clever design. It doesn’t have the beautiful pop-out windows found in the Columbia or the “instant-cabin” frame of the Coleman and Coleman, but at $50 less, it has all of them that we couldn’t resist.

For example it is the Bushnell shares the same 14-foot length floor design (although that of the Coleman is a bit larger by two feet) and the double-room layout that includes the privacy partition.

It also comes with the 75″ high peak that makes tents such as these excellent, along with ceiling-to-floor ventilation, which you’ll appreciate during the hotter months.

The one major flaw on Bushnell’s budget friendly Bushnell is the absence of an additional door. This is a minor issue however, if you’re planning to split the rooms anyway then why not have a second door?

Pros Cons
Two-room design with an divider that adds to the livability
Height of stand up through
Great price for this size tent
– Fiberglass/steel pole combo
Single door for two rooms


Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8

— The weight is 35 1 lbs (15.4 kg)
— Size of the box: 29″ x 11″ 11″ (74cm 28cm x)
– Floor size: 156″ x 120″ (396cm x 305cm)
— Maximum height84″ (213cm)
– Rooms: 2
– Form:Cabin
– The best option to use for3 weather family camping at any time of the year
– Price: $$

Eureka’s revamped model of the Copper Canyon LX 8 person tent received some excellent upgrades recently which makes it a strong possibility as a tent of high-end quality priced at the middle of the market.

The latest Copper Canyon is taller than ever, with a full 7-foot peak height and vertical walls that make the entire interior stand-up-and-walk-around friendly. The Copper Canyon also has the option of a two-room layout that will be available in 2022 and can be divided by a roomdivider. Each room has its own entrance We particularly like Eureka’s choice to place them on opposite ends of the tent and on adjacent sides to the tent to ensure maximum airflow.

Like the majority of Eureka tents you’ll get a few distinct design details that make it stand the tent apart. The mesh pockets on the top help keep your things in order with no compromise on floor space dual power ports that let your electronic devices that zip shut during not-use adjustable windows and floor hooks pre-installed (in case you choose to put in Eureka’s non-slip flooring) are only a few of the features that spring to your mind.

The brand new Eureka also has an expanded “front porch” on the rainfly, which helps protect the door from the rain. It’s certainly an attractive feature, however to be fair , it’s not much bigger than the awning on the Teton or the large vestibule in the Nemo.

Pros Cons
— Eureka top-quality design and construction all over
Rooms are split with separate doors
Super high ceilings throughout
– Partial fiberglass frame
A little smaller than other floor plans.
This is more expensive than similar tents in this list.


Columbia Mammoth Creek 8

– Weight: 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
— Dimensions of packaging: 10″ x 10″ 28″ (25cm 25cm x 70cm)
– Floor size: 168″ x 96″ (427cm x 244cm)
— The peak height is76″ (193cm)
– Rooms: 2
– Form:Cabin
– The best option choice for Family camping for 3 seasons in all weathers
– Price: $$

Another contender to be the top 8-person tent for a budget The Columbia Mammoth Creek offers all the high-end features and quality we’ve become accustomed to from Columbia, but at an extremely competitive price at this price.

One of the main highlights in this Mammoth tent is its rain-resistant design, which makes use of completely taped seams and high tub floors to offer the basic requirements of waterproofing. In addition, we love the fact the fact that Columbia makes use of the same Omni-Shield fabric that provides an additional level of UV and rain resistance to the structure and tent. Like the other Mammoth Creek Models, if it does rain, Columbia features a pop-out windows, which lets you keep the main windows to let no water inside the tent.

The Mammoth creek has a central elevation of more than 6 feet and much of the interior is maintained at the 6-foot plus height. It does decrease to the walls and doors though and you could be sitting down to go and come back. The walls are almost vertical. provide a perfect “cabin-style” appearance it’s not going to feel cramped in the space.

The 8-person tent has the same 14-foot length that Columbia’s 10-person model. So, even though it’s slightly narrower and less spacious, the Mammoth Creek is enough to fit 2 queen-sized beds. It also has the two-room structure with a complete room-dividers from its larger sister, adding some peace and quiet that you’ll love.

Pros Cons
Wet-weather-related features in abundance
– The high ceilings and walls that are vertical create the illusion of the size of
The Omni-Shield fabric can be an attractive addition
Fiberglass poles all over
More narrow than other models
Two doors at one side of tent


Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent

– Weight: 26 lbs. (11.8 kg)
— Size of the box: 28″ x 12″ 11″ (71cm 30cm x 28cm)
– Floor size: 192″ x 132″ (488cm x 335cm)
— Maximum elevation:77″ (196cm)
– Rooms: 2
— Form:Cabin/Dome hybrid
– Ideal for:Small family or couple who need an extra bedroom
– Price: $

We’ve always been a fan for a tent that has the perfect hangout spot and Wenzel londike offers the hangs in abundance.

The second area of the tent transforms into a separate porch with ample space to accommodate a couple of camp chairs, a table for cards and a cooler for you to enjoy a lazy afternoon in the camp.

While the party porch is a wonderful feature (especially in this budget) there’s more than that the Wenzel is able to offer.

We especially like the sealed seams and the top-of-the-line ventilation in both the ceiling and floor inside the Klondike. The fly and body fabric could benefit from additional waterproofing treatments to ensure peace of mind however, it’s clear that the Wenzel Klondike is ready for anything that isn’t a major rainstorm just as it is. It’s certainly missing a few things that are “finer things” that you’ll find on more expensive tents, such as an entrance to the back and storage in the interior If you’re looking for a huge tent with a budget it’s the least expensive option with this kind of variety.

Pros Cons
I just have that front porch you love!
Ventilation is far above its cost point
– Extremely cheap
The second room doesn’t have standing up height
The seams of the body are treated to repel water However, they are not completely taped.


Coleman Instant Family Tent

– Weight: 43 lbs. (19.5 kg)
— Size of the box: 52″ x 13″ 12″ (132cm x 33cm 30cm)
– Floor size: 168″ x 120″ (427cm x 305cm)
– Height at the peak:79″ (201cm)
– Rooms: 2
– Form:Cabin
– The best option forFamilies who camp just every few times throughout the year.
– Price: $$

What could be more elegant than an instant-up style similar to the one in this Coleman cabin?

Simply take the tent from the bag, fold the poles that were pre-attached and voila! You’re now ready to camp with fashion. Multiple doors, several rooms, ceilings that stand up, and a huge floor plan create the impression of an apartment hidden in the trees.

While the pure practicality offered by Coleman’s Coleman Instant Cabin is awe-inspiring however, we have a few issues with it that prevented the Coleman instant cabin from our top choice for the most affordable tent.

The first thing to mention it’s first the “rainfly-free” model. Coleman claims its Instant Cabin as water-proof without rainfly, but they also make use of the use of a large number of zippers throughout the tent’s construction and also with inverted seams instead of completely taped seams. We wouldn’t recommend the tent in any other conditions without an additional rainfly or tarp and it will cost you extra.

The second issue we have is the overall quality of the hardware. Between the poles themselves , and the articulating hubs made from plastic and the plastic articulating hubs, we’re not certain this is a tent that can be able to withstand the pressure of daily usage. But for families who only camp for a few days during the year, in generally good conditions, the ease of set-up and clever attributes (along with the affordable cost) give this Coleman an honourable mention.

Pros Cons
Two rooms each with doors of their own
– Instant-up pre-attached pole design
– Rainfly setup is one-step.
Rainfly-free design gives the trust on zippers and seams that have been inverted
Rainfly “not required” however, it is “recommended”
Hubs made of plastic don’t appear to be to be the most robust


8 Person Tent Buyer’s Guide

The move to an 8-person tent opens up a lot of opportunities in the world of car camping. It’s also the first time that the majority of manufacturers offer an “cabin-style” model, rather than simply a dome. This is also the very first model that allows placing not just two queen-sized mattresses inside is an option.

We’ve looked into every tent to determine the top choices on our list above however, if you’re interested in an unlisted tent that doesn’t make our list, here are the criteria we typically use to determine the top 8-person tents.

Floor Size/Space

As we have mentioned eight-person tents are your first introduction into the possibilities of having two queen-sized beds within your living space. The amount of space they can comfortably will fit in, however, is contingent on the size of your floor.

From a length point of view from a length perspective, you’ll need at minimum12 feet of space wall-to-wall in order to fit two mattresses into the tent. We suggest that you have at minimum, 13 feet to give every sleeper some breathing room.

Speaking of breathing space and width, this is where width plays a role: Assuming that your queen size bed is around 6 feet in length You’ll need at least 8 feet in width to be able to rise and move through the edges the bed. A bit more is always better, of course.

Center Height

The center height is measured from the floor to the ceiling in the most elevated section inside the tent. It’s important to know this measurement since it’s a reliable indicator of how easy it will be possible to get and move around in the tent particularly for campers with larger heights.

Remember that tents with a central height of more than six feet don’t always have the same space close to those walls. The majority of 8-person tents taper to a degree from the center towards the exterior, and the higher your center height begin with, the higher the remainder of the tent will to be.

Size and Weight

Since tents for 8 people are intended for only camping in cars the weight and size are not a big concern in this type of tent.

Yes, some of these tents mentioned above, such as those from Teton Sports are significantly heavier (and bigger) than other tents, but even the 70-plus pounds of a tent made of canvas isn’t significant when you just have to carry it about 20 feet from your vehicle to your camping spot.

In the end in the event that you’re driving with a smaller car or don’t have lots of storage space in your home, you might argue for smaller tents such as those of Eureka Copper Canyon.


The design of your tent is becoming more important when you add campers and gear to the mix. We highly recommend “cabin” design for tents this large, due to their wall surfaces that are vertical or near-verticle which significantly increase the interior area in the tent.

The goal is to make as most of the tent at its maximum standing height. The more straight your walls , the more easily your body will move within the.

Seasonality/Weather Protection

The majority of the time most 8-person tents are limited to use in three seasons, which is why they’re not designed to deal with cold temperatures, or the extra stress that comes with it. We suggest sticking with camping from Summer to Fall and being aware of the temperatures at night and the lows where you’ll sleep in case the weather patterns or elevation create colder weather that you’re not prepared for.

Rooms and Dividers

Another benefit of the tent that sleeps 8 persons is the possibility of dividing the inside room into two. Families with young children might prefer keeping their eyes on them all the time family groups, friends as well as families with more mature children are likely to prefer a certain amount of privacy inside the tent, particularly in the evenings.

Another room is a great place an opportunity to change your clothes (or leave them in the closet) away from the snooping of potential peeping toms. We’re in for this.


When the number of people is 8 the tents leave those in the “giant palaces for 2” category to become exclusive family and group camping shelters.

As you may think, more people equals increased foot traffic, greater shutting and opening of doors and windows and wear and tear.

This is why we advise paying close focus on the quality and durability of the materials used for both the main body and the rainfly in addition to the poles, as well as other hardware like hubs and zippers.

Like all outdoor equipment, you’ll typically discover the durability of the fabric measured by “denier” number. The more denier numbers higher, the tougher the material. Therefore, the “70D” nylon rainfly is likely to be more durable and last longer over one made of “60D” rainfly made of the similar material.

In terms of poles considered, the most effective poles available are made of metal (typically aluminum that is lightweight or steel that is heavy-duty). Fiberglass poles are usually an indication of a low-cost tent as they’re usually less durable and more susceptible to snapping, however some tents, like the Eureka above make use of high-quality fiberglass poles that are able to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Installation Ease

Because of their sheer size, eight-person tents can be a lot more difficult to set up and secure than smaller tents.

9 out of 10 times you’ll find someone to help you set up one of these huge shelters. However, buying a tent that you can put up on your own gives you a bit of assurance.

It’s worth noting that once you’ve entered the eight-person category, you’ll see tents with pre-attached or hinged poles, which are commonly called “instant campers” also known as “instant Cabins.” These pop-up models such as those are the absolute the most simple and practical available, and are often erected within a matter of hours or less. However, we’re a bit wary of these models in the long run, since their plastic hubs can fail frequently after a couple of seasons however for those who are looking for convenience over everything other things, this is a feature worth the price.


Based on all the factors mentioned above that we analyzed, we picked for the Nemo Wagontop 8 as our top 8-person tent overall. The Nemo’s unique and simple configuration, its feature-rich design, premium materials, and a lifetime guarantee all contribute to making the Nemo a high-end tent worthy of the premium price.

It is true that not every person is willing to pay cash to sleep in the forest We understand that too. This is why we suggest people who are trying to keep their spending to a minimum, consider using the Bushnellabove as the first time they’ve rented a big camping tent. If you love the layout of the Bushnell, but you are looking for a bit more money to invest in additional amenities either those Columbiaand Eurekaabove offer something different to provide.

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