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Camping is a great way to allow the family to bond together. It can be difficult to convince everyone to turn off their phones away, however camping provides families with the chance to reconnect with their roots and reconnect with the natural world.

If you’re looking to take your whole family away, ensure you have the right tent first. We’ve put together a guide on the top family tents and what you should look for when selecting the perfect tent for your needs.

What are the things to look out for when purchasing a brand new tent for the family?

Just like any other holiday, accommodations are essential for keeping everyone content. Selecting the ideal tent can seem like a difficult decision. There are a myriad of choices that are available and each one has a different dimensions, shapes, colours and features. To help make your choice simpler there are a few suggestions on what to look for when you are purchasing the perfect family tent:

1. Waterproof

While it’s important to love the design the tent is, however there’s no sense choosing one that is fashionable, in the end, it may not provide you with warmth and protection. Although we live in a stunning country, weather can be unpredictable at the worst. So, it’s important to look at the water resistance of every tent, also called hydrostatic head rating. The rating is a measure of the amount of rain the tent is able to endure in millimetres. It’s important to note that the higher the score the more sturdy the tent.

2. Space

It’s nice to get your family together however, it’s essential to ensure that everyone is able to spread out. Although it takes longer to set up and take down, having an extra-large tent can enable sleeping, socializing and relaxing a lot more pleasant. When you are choosing a tent, think about the number of people who will be staying there the tent, and if it is large enough for the needs.

3. Features

Be it storage pockets, awnings vents, hanging points or porches, the tiniest features can make the biggest impact on your holiday. Explore the smaller functional elements of the tent to find out what makes it special and distinct from the other tents on the competition.

Our most loved family tents

From small 3-person tents to larger 10-person tents We’ve created the list of our twelve favorite tents to take your family out in.

1. Berghaus Air 6 XL

  • Inflatable beams
  • Air valves that release quickly
  • Tunnel construction


With a large sleeping area With ample sleeping spaces, with plenty of sleeping space, the Berghaus Air 6 is the perfect tent, no regardless of what number members of your family you’re taking with you. The large standing area allows you to enjoy your time within the tent. Install the partition walls in the sleeping space if you would like to create a sense of solitude or put them down if you desire a more social atmosphere. Keep cool in the air-conditioned bedrooms and manage your natural light by using the curtains that are integrated.

2. Coleman Mosedale 5 Family Tent

  • BlackOut Technology for Bedrooms
  • Tunnel construction
  • Fibreglass poles


Despite its dimensions however, it’s a surprisingly compact size. Coleman Mosedale 5 is surprisingly simple to pitch thanks to its tunnel-like construction. It has two bedroom and large living space The Mosedale is able to comfortably accommodate families that is up to five. In the year 2019, Coleman was awarded the title of the Best Family Tent in the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards with a the satisfaction rating of 93 percent.

3. Dometic Ascension FTX 401

  • Multi-point inflation
  • Construction made of premium polyester
  • Rear storage area


The Dometic Ascension FTX was specifically designed with camping for families in mind The Dometic Ascension FTX is equipped with large bedrooms and advanced features. The fabric is made of polyester, which guarantees an enjoyable night’s rest and protects you from all kinds of weather. The model has 3 sides of mesh, as well as an enormous porch door that is able to be opened on the day that is particularly sunny.

4. Eurohike Sendero 4 Family Tent

  • Sewn-in groundsheet
  • Tent with waterproof material
  • Fibreglass poles


Starting at just PS79 The Eurohike Sendero is fantastic value in terms of price. With room for up to four persons it is Sendero has a spacious space for a bedroom and a porch. Set up the tent using lightweight fibreglass poles as well as the stitched groundsheet that keeps out insects and draughts. This is the perfect choice for those who have never been camping before.

5. Hi-Gear Zenobia 6 Nightfall Tent

  • Nightfall bedrooms
  • Tunnel construction
  • Set of pegs in a Deluxe style


With its innovative technology for sleeping that is darkened The Hi-Gear Zenobia will be popular for both early risers as well as those who sleep late. The bedrooms feature the light-blocking fabric that allows you to rest comfortably all throughout the day. The Zenobia is equipped with sturdy fiberglass poles. the Zenobia is dependable and flexible even in the worst circumstances. In 2020 Hi-Gear tents were selected as joint first in the Top Family Tents category of the Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

6. Kampa Bergen 6 Air Pro Tent

  • Excellent headroom
  • Technology for inflation
  • Weathershield fabric


Because of the strength and reliability of their items, Kampa won the Best Family Tent Award during the 2017 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards and was highly recommended for 2019. Its Bergen Air Pro is a large , premium tent, which can hold up to six people. Because of the AirFrame method, the tent can be set up in just 10 minutes. In summer the tent remains comfortably cool due the Weathershield AirFlow fabric – that allows it to breathe comfortably in hot temperatures.

7. Outdoor Revolution Camp Star 500XL Air Tent Package

  • Fabric construction made of premium fabric
  • Oxygen AIR Frame system
  • Variable speed valves with dynamic speeds


Inflating in a mere 10 minutes The Outdoor Revolution Camp Star is an inflatable tent that comes with an easy-to-pitch and pole-free Four-Quadruple Oxygen Air Frame Tube System. Built with a the most lightweight and water-proof fabrics, it comes with an impressive Hydrostatic Head Rating of 3,000 millimeters. The tent can sleep up to five persons and comes with a bedroom partitioning system that splits the bedroom into two.

8. Outwell Airville 6SA

    • Two master bedrooms
    • Quick & quiet inner doors
    • Optional veranda


9. Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 Family Camping Tent

  • Great value
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wind resistance


Particularly designed for camping trips with families The Quechua Arpenaz is a budget-friendly four-person tent that offers great value in terms of price. The flysheet’s fabric is able to be able to withstand winds up to 50 miles an hour and has an UPF30 sun-protection. When it is erected the roof of the tent will be over the head which makes it simple to stand and move around. For 2020, Quechua received Highly Recommended status in the category Best Family during the 2020 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

10. Quest Guide Tent

  • Sleeps 10
  • Unique PVC groundsheet
  • 100 100% cotton flysheet of canvas


It can accommodate up to 10 people The Quest Touareg Bell is an ideal tipi-style tent for camping during summer time that includes large groups of families. In the summer, simply roll up the sides and take advantage of the huge area to socialize. In winter, you can roll down the sides and relax with ease around the single central pole. Cool in summer, and warm in the winter months with this 100 cotton canvas flysheet with insulation and breathability.

11. Robens Klondike Grande 9 Person Tent

  • Breathable HydroTex fabric
  • Reflective manlines
  • Zip-off groundsheet


Roomy, comfortable and simple to set up The Robens Klondike Grande is a vintage-styled bell tent that is equipped with modern technology. Built using HydroTex Polycotton Fabric, which has a water-resistant treatment that is water-resistant, the Klondike Grande has a lower chance of condensation and natural airflow. It can accommodate up to nine people the model features the stovepipe port that is perfect for a stove that is wood-burning.

12. Vango Beta 350XL Tent

  • Tunnel construction
  • The TBS Tension Band System
  • Factory taped seams


The perfect choice for a family camping trip The Vango Beta 350XL is able to be able to accommodate three people. It has a remarkable capacity-to-weight ratio thanks to the tunnel design. Its Vango Beta gets its sturdy stability from the Tension Band System, which is adjustable to limit the tent from moving sideways in powerful wind conditions. You can store your different pieces of camping equipment in the practical porch space. The year 2018 was a great one for Vango Tents. Vango Tents received a vote of Highly Honored in the category of Best Family during the 2018 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards.

13. Zempire Aerodome II Pro Air Tent

  • Waterproof fabric
  • 2 bedrooms in a separate building
  • Large living space


Despite its dimensions and size, Zempire Aerodrome is surprisingly simple to construct. The Aerodome can accommodate up to six persons in two separate rooms offering a range of sleeping arrangements. The dome’s design gives you ample space to meet with friends. Air and light flow effortlessly through the tent thanks to the many draught vents. The fabric of the tent has an Hydrostatic Head rating of 10,000mm, which will keep the harsh weather at bay during your vacation.

14. Eurohike Genus 800 Air Tent

  • Tunnel construction
  • Inflatable beams
  • Fully watertight


On the site, you can set up your tent in only 15 minutes thanks to this Eurohike Genus 800 Air Tent. With the inflatable beams which come with the pump that comes with it, let you to pitch your tent in a short time and allows you to take more time to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. This huge, tunnel-shaped structure is divided into two bedrooms by a large living space.

15. Hi-Gear Hampton 4 Nightfall Family Tent

  • Bedrooms with darkened walls
  • Fully watertight
  • Fiberglass poles that are colour-coded


If you’re in search of a solid family tent without costing you a fortune the Hampton Boasting by Hi-Gear is the best option. With plenty of room with a good value, and simple functionality The Hampton 4 Nightfall is a classic tunnel tent that is packed with features for families, such as rooms with darkened windows, which block out 80% of the sunlight to ensure a more restful night’s sleep.

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